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Waltanna Farms and Hemp Hulling Co (HHC) formed Waltanna Hemp Group Pty. Ltd. (WHG) in 2017 . WHG is based in Hamilton, Victoria. Waltanna Farms are the leading processor of Hemp seed oil, powders and flours in Australia.

Partnering with Waltanna Farms was a significant milestone for HHC. Waltanna have a rich history dates back to the 1880’s.

WHG primary role is supplying stand-alone Hemp Foods and Hemp & Flax blends for corporate clients, both Australian & International.

HHC and WHG are both innovators, relentless in discovering for that perfect blend or product, be it a Hemp Nectar, a Super Fibre or oil.

Waltanna Farms are very experienced in the development of machinery and employ state of the art oil expelling equipment which use minimal heat, no light or oxygen and nitrogen flushed throughout the process. This gentle process leaves the remaining ‘hemp cake’ in optimal condition for milling into flour, protein and fibre.