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Hemp Hulling Co (HHC) is the only specialised Australian grown hemp seed hulling facility in Australia, and often first choice on providing premium contract processing. Over the past 6 years, HHC have redesigned, modified, upgraded and up-scaled it’s operations and now undergoing an additional fit-out enabling a 60-80 ton outflow per month of raw hemp seed, whilst maintaining a very high standard of finished product. Clean, fresh wholesome Australian grown seed.

How it all began

Brothers, Sebastian and Samuel Edwards were the original founders and current owners of Organic Markets Directs. They created brands such as EM Super Foods, Blanck & Co, Australian Grown Naturals, ZAGATI, FEMI and Black Bag, supplying healthy foods within Australia and exporting to international markets.

Approximately 7 years ago the brothers began researching Certified Organic Hemp Seeds from Inner Mongolia. An absolute learning curve! Defining what is real, what is not. Worked through the quality controls, not easy. They began to import “Cosmetic use only” hulled hemp seeds, by the container loads, all refrigerated. Seb and Sam have an ethos of quality and freshness and above all Australian Grown! They no longer wanted supply Inner Mongolian Grown Hemp Seeds, the focus had to be on Aussie grown and in-house processing.

The next chapter …

Tasmanian Grown and the Processing Journey.

There was a transition between Inner Mongolian and initially what was Tasmanian grown Hemp seeds. Soon discovered there was no roadmap on processing raw Hemp seeds! Purchase a huller and you are in business! No, it does not work quite like that, a huller is only 10% of the equation. The processing journey had begun!

From designing, producing (building), working with 3rd party contractors the puzzle began to take shape. Up until recently (November 12th 2017) it was not legal for Australian Industrial processed Hemp seeds to be sold as a food. Despite such restrictions, it was important all machinery and protocols were to HACCP certification (Food safety) standards, as the time was coming! November 12th was a milestone day.

Waltanna Hemp Group

In 2017, Waltanna Farms and Hemp Hulling Co formed Waltanna Hemp Group Pty. Ltd. based in Hamilton, Victoria. Waltanna Farms are the leading processor of Hemp seed oil, powders and flours in Australia. They are very experienced in the development of machinery and employ state of the art oil expelling equipment which use minimal heat, no light or oxygen and nitrogen flushed throughout the process. This gentle process leaves the remaining ‘hemp cake’ in optimal condition for milling into flour, protein and sprinkles.

Medical Cannabis Limited (Seed • Processing • Food)

2017 was a big year for HHC! Medical Cannabis Limited (MCL) purchased a controlling interest in HHC. MCL are a multi-sector company, suppliers of industrial growing seed servicing selected farmers in Australia (Hemp Foods) processing, brand (s) and Medical Cannabis researchers. A truly vertically engineered innovative company. A perfect partner for HHC.